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Learn to paint  'distinctively'!
All of our books feature complete directions, crisp photographs and many color step-by-step pages. Have fun learning!


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Fall Floral Lessons

Lessons for Fall Floral elements including Sunflowers, Pansies, Asters, Mums, Japanese Lanterns, and many Fall foliage accents. All shown on step by step color worksheets for your learning enjoyment.

Click on the Fall Floral Lessons cover to view additional color pages from the book.

44 pages. $14.95
Strokework Lessons 3

Stunning floral designs, embellished strokework projects to delight your paint brushes.

Click on the Strokework Lessons 3 cover to view additional color pages from the book.

44 pages. $14.95
Summer Florals
Sold Out...available on CD only!

Celebrate Summer with some of our favorite florals including the following 15 types... Columbine, Pansies, Daisies, Gerber Daisies, Impatiens, Geraniums, Coneflowers, Petunias, Cosmos, Astilbe, Hydrangeas, Roses, Delphiniums, Foxgloves, Hollyhocks. ALL are shown in full color with step-by-step photo and written instructions.

44 pages. $14.95
Strokework Lessons II

Take your strokework to the next level and continue exploring the relaxing art of strokework lessons with the following stunning designs...Early American Tole; traditional and updated, Floral Sampler Tray, Monochromatic Strokework, Strokework Coffee Pot, Holiday Tree Box, Sewing Storage Box.

44 pages. $14.95

Strokework Lessons
Sold Out...available on CD only!

Our new Lesson books TEACH you in your own home how to paint!

Learn to paint strokework using the step by step full color worksheets, combining your lessons to paint charming strokework projects.

Click on the Strokework Lessons cover to view additional color pages from the book
48 pages. $14.95

Spring Floral Lessons
Sold Out...available on CD only!

Our new Lesson books TEACH you in your own home how to paint!

Learn to paint thirteen Spring flowers...all in step by step full color. Then combine the flowers for beautiful Spring projects.

Click on the Spring Floral Lessons cover to view additional color pages from the book.

48 pages. $14.95

delightfully distinctive Delightfully Distinctive

Judy and Lynne have designed and painted delightful projects for special occasions!

A new baby design, creative garden pots and signs, a delicate dessert plate, a terra cotta veggie tray, 4 delightful holiday luncheon plates with adorable faces...and their fantastic window toppers which have been selling out at the shows.

Add this book to your collection of Distinctive Brushstrokes!

48 pages
seasonally distinctive Seasonally Distinctive

The Distinctive Brushstrokes team of Judy Diephouse & Lynne Deptula are at it again. This time they have designed for an entire year of painting!

There are 4 seasonal mirrors...just hang the mirror in one spot and change it seasonally! Celebrate Spring with an adorable Bunny and Chick door crown plus an Easter Planter. Celebrate Summer with a shabby chic tray and matching drink wear. Celebrate Fall with a Give Thanks Door Crown and Tuscan Coffee Set. Celebrate Winter with a Peace Door Crown and funky Snowman Lamp. We guarantee you fun all year long!

48 pages
friendship collection  The Friendship Collection

Celebrate the friends in your life!

We offer designs for the new baby, sewing enthusiast, and gardening friend. Also included is a section featuring the popular Blue & White combination as well as a charming Sunshine Yellow Tea Set.

‘The Friendship Collection’ features 8 color pages, including 3 color You-Can-Do-It Color Worksheets.

48 pages
gathering of still lifes  A Gathering of Still Lifes

This classic Still Life book covers the basics of painting glass, crocks, metals, baskets and more on the 4 step-by-step instructional color pages.

Judy's 12 designs feature simple arrangements for the beginner painter up to a glorious door crown combining all the techniques included in this delightful book.

This book will serve as a valuable resource you will use over and over again.

48 pages
judys distinctive still lifes  Judy's Distinctive Still Lifes

This is an outstanding acrylic still life book...many of Judy's students comment on how easy it is to take parts of these designs and combine them into new projects...fantastic!

This book features designs for the gardening enthusiast, pieces for the kitchen, and colorful holiday designs. As always, this distinctive publication includes 4 pages of step-by-step instructions to compliment the designs.

48 pages
blooms & blossoms  Blooms & Blossoms

Judy and Lynne teamed up with F & W Publications to design 10 beautiful step-by-step floral designs. Each step is shown in full color throughout the 128 pages.

Judy and Lynne demonstrate how to paint herbs, spring flowers, pansies, funky strokework flowers just to name a few; and then combine them all in the grand finale...a stunning floor cloth featuring a basket filled and overflowing with a combination floral design. Truly a keepsake publication!

128 pages
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