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The national society of decorative painters holds a National Convention every year. Take classes, learn decorative painting...add a lot of fun to your life!
A lovely convention held in Providence Rhode Island every October. Beautifully organized, loads of great classes, wonderful sight seeing.
Heart of Ohio Tole Convention held every August in Columbus, Ohio. Perfectly organized, loads of great classes, the best friendships made!
A terrific decorative painting convention held every February in fun-filled Las Vegas...
don't miss it!
Roger and Jan Boettcher make our lovely lamp for the 2009 Pattern packet Club as well as many other gorgeous wood products...well worth the click!
Art and Betty Hall make beautiful bentwood boxes in many, many sizes. We prefer their boxes for all of our seminar classes!
Our home chapter website, West Michigan Decorative Painters located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. See what they're up to!
Our sister chapter website, Michigan Grapevine Decorative Painters based out of Kalamazoo, Michigan. See what they're up to!
Beautiful wood surfaces for the decorative painter...wonderful quality!