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Distinctive Brushstrokes 2017 Pattern Packet Club

'The Distinctive Garden Flag Collection'

Dear Painting Friends,

Welcome 2017! Let's make this a terrific year, sharing our love of decorative painting, and showing off our brushstroke talent! Judy and I have designed 6 MORE charming Garden Flags to grace the outside of your home.

This set of 6 Garden Flags, painted on 'canvas like' roc-lon fabric and measuring 13" in width and 18" in length, feature uniquely cut lower borders...not your normal flag shape...not with us...and will provide a charming addition to your garden space. Slide your painted flags onto a metal Garden Flag Holder, surface available at Amazon.com. Install the metal Garden Flag Holder in your garden or favorite deck planter, (it has a bracket that you just push into the ground or pot) swap out your seasonally painted flags, and enjoy the pop of color that you have created. Judy even likes to hang her flags on her front door using a dowel hanger with ribbon ties…so have fun!!

We've included a sneak peak at two designs that will be featured this year; the 'A Heart full of Hearts’ Flag', and the ‘Easter Bunny Basket Flag'. The entire series will be themed as follows:

January: A Heart full of Hearts Flag; shown above on left

March: Easter Bunny Basket Flag; shown above on right

May: Birdhouses in the Garden Flag

July: It’s Your Birthday Flag

September: Fall Floral Flag

November: Snowy House Scene Flag

The cost of the 2017 Club remains at $60.00 for 6 patterns including mailing. The garden flags are painted on roc-lon fabric that has been basecoated with color choices. You could also use pre-primed canvas, but we love this roc-lon fabric that 'paints' like canvas with a lovely tooth to the fabric and a flexible drape. All prep instructions for the Garden Flag preparation as well as the source for the Garden Flag Holder will be included in your first pattern packet.

We hope we have enticed you to sign up soon! January patterns are ready to be mailed out upon receipt of your enrollment, the other 5 will be mailed at the beginning of their 'month'...enjoy painting 'distinctively' with us all year long.

Yours with a happy heart and paint brush in hand,

Lynne Deptula & Judy Diephouse




2017 Distinctive Brushstrokes Pattern Packet Club

Address Information:




State______________________________________ Zip Code____________________

Telephone: _____________________________________________________________

E-Mail address [for website updates, specials]:


Payment Information:

2017 Pattern Packet Club Cost: $60.00 for 6 pattern packets including USA/Canadian shipping

Cash Check Visa / MasterCard

Credit Card # ________________________________________________________

Expiration Date ______________________ CVC Code ______________________

Mail to:

Judy Diephouse

9796 Myers Lake RD NE

Rockford, MI 49341

Fax to:

Judy Diephouse


Any questions, please call Lynne @616-940-1899 or Judy@616-874-1656



Distinctive Brushstrokes
2016 Pattern Packet Club

'The Distinctive Garden Flag Collection'

Available individually for $12.00 per pattern

                                      PPC 67                                                      PPC 68                                               

PPC 69 

 Distinctive Brushstrokes

2014 Pattern Packet Club

'The Anything, Anywhere Chest'
All Lid patterns are available individually for $12.00 each. Click the Order Form button to the upper left and print out the order form which can be faxed or mailed. You may also call Judy @ 616-874-1656 to personally place your order.  

This little chest, measuring 13"L x 9"W x 10"H, is the perfect size to hold anything, anywhere! Mittens and gloves by the front door, pet leashes by the back door, needlework by your favorite chair, essentials in the bathroom or kitchen...where ever you need a little more storage.  The lid to the chest is easily removed and swapped out with the following year of distinctive designs...

Fantasy Floral Lid [shown above], SOLD OUT

Garden Collection Lid

Monogram Rose Wreath Lid

Rosemaling Oval Lid, SOLD OUT

Sewing Collection Lid, SOLD OUT

Holiday Blessings Wreath Lid, SOLD OUT



PPC 56                   PPC 57






2013 Pattern Packet Club

'Naturally Distinctive' Canvas Collection

All Canvas pattern packets are available individually for $12.00 each

Click the Order Form button to the upper left and print out the order form which can be faxed or mailed. You may also call Judy @ 616-874-1656 to personally place your order.

PPC 49 Robin                   PPC 51 Hydrangea

PPC 52 Nest                     PPC 54 Titmouse

'Beauty All Around'
2010-2011 Pattern Packet Club

This glass bowl is enhanced when you paint the twelve lid patterns...something for every season of the year!

Click the Order Form button to the upper left and print out the order form which can be faxed or mailed. You may also call Judy @ 616-874-1656 to personally place your order.

Distinctive Brushstrokes Pattern Packet Club 2010
#PC 37                                            #PC 39
          Hearts and Strokework                         A Red, White, and Blue Floral
# PC 41
                      Fall Harvest Collection                        
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