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Distinctive Brushstrokes 2017 Pattern Packet Club
All patterns are available in regular printed pattern packet form for a cost of $12.00 each.
PPC 2017 Heart full of Hearts WreathPPC 2017 Bunny Basket Flag  
LEFT: PPC 73; A Heart Full of Hearts     RIGHT: PPC 74; Welcome Spring
LEFT: PPC 75; Birthday Flag     RIGHT: PPC 76; Birds in Your Garden

          LEFT: PPC 77; A Time to Gather     RIGHT: PPC 78; Wintertime at Home

Distinctive Brushstrokes
2016 Pattern Packet Club

'The Distinctive Garden Flag Collection'

Available individually for $12.00 per pattern. PPC numbers 67-72 are available only as E-Packets.

LEFT: PPC 67; Ahhh! Spring     RIGHT: PPC 68; Flip Flop Welcome

LEFT: PPC 69; Geranium Banner     RIGHT: PPC 70; Americana Garden Flag
LEFT: PPC 71; Mummy Treats     RIGHT: PPC 72; Snowman's Joy  
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